Electrical and Electronic Equipment of Electric Lab
Automotive teaching laboratory equipment series
Electrical Maintenance Skills Training examination table series
PLC programmable, microcontroller Training Device
Hydraulic, pneumatic, elevator Experiment Series
Detection of Conversion - Sensor Technology Experiment Taiwan
Mechanical showcase multimedia showcase
Teaching CNC lathe, milling machine
Mechanical and electrical integration, electrical training, assessment tools
Accounting simulation, laboratory equipment bank
Engineering Drawing Lab Equipment
Household appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators Training Equipment
The number of electric, model skills, equipment, electrical test
Physics, Chemistry, Biology Lab Equipment
Medical equipment, teaching model | CPR Sims
Other comprehensive Teaching Equipment Series
Teaching instrument, secondary school teaching instruments | Primary School Teaching Equipment
Teaching instrument, the model equipment


Teaching model | Teaching Equipment | Teaching Instruments| Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Skills Training Assessment
| Teaching charts, automobile Wall Charts| Mechanical Drawing Model|Teaching model car| Accounting Simulation Laboratory Equipment | Engineering Drawing Lab Equipment | Teaching Robot| Mechanical Showcase| Driving Simulator|
Automotive Teaching Equipment | Car Audio-visual Board | Laboratory equipment fitter

Teaching model | Teaching Equipment | Teaching Instruments | Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Skills Training Assessment
| Teaching charts, automobile Wall Charts | Mechanical Drawing Model |Teaching model car | Accounting Simulation Laboratory Equipment | Engineering Drawing Lab Equipment | Teaching Robot | Mechanical Showcase | Driving Simulator |
Automotive Teaching Equipment | Car Audio-visual Board | Laboratory equipment fitter

Teaching model | Teaching Equipment | Teaching Instruments | Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Skills Training Assessment
| Teaching charts, automobile Wall Charts | Mechanical Drawing Model |Teaching model car | Accounting Simulation Laboratory Equipment | Engineering Drawing Lab Equipment | Teaching Robot | Mechanical Showcase | Driving Simulator |
Automotive Teaching Equipment | Car Audio-visual Board | Laboratory equipment fitter
Device Name (click product to see details)
Device Name (click product to see details)
  Common Electrical laboratory equipment Electrical Skills Training evaluation Taiwan
  General Electric laboratory equipment E-Skills Training evaluation Taiwan
  General Electric, electronic laboratory equipment Electrician, electronic skills assessment Training Taiwan
  General electrical, electronics, electric drive laboratory equipment Electrical, electronics, electric drive Training skills assessment units
  General Electrical Training Assessment Device Intelligent general electrician, electronics, electric drive (with DC machine) complete sets of equipment, laboratory three-phase voltage regulator
  Training assessment of primary electrical equipment Primary maintenance electrician and skills assessment Training Device
  Senior electrician, electric drag Training Assessment Device (PLC control Senior maintenance electrician and Skills Training assessment devices (PLC, frequency conversion, electrical control)
  Device Name (click product to see details) Device Name (click product to see details)
  Transparent and may take the vehicles teaching model vehicle
Santana 2000 model of the entire Taiwan Transparent Teaching
  Automobile Dongfeng, liberation, and transparent teaching model vehicle
Auto Passat, Audi and transparent teaching model vehicle
  Automobile Automatic programmable audio-visual board
Automobile Dongfeng, liberation, Santana teaching teaching board
  Automotive circuit simulation to study internship Taiwan
Santana 2000 students in test-bed simulation of the circuit (including Electronic Fuel Injection System)
  Driving e-Driving License Examination instrument (infrared Driving License Examination instrument) )
Volkswagen, Passat, Santana 3000 Electronic Control Engine Training Taiwan
  Auto Teaching VCD, Auto Wall Charts
Automotive engine test-bed
  Automotive, structure, principle and Fault demo units
Automotive Anatomy
  Santana 2000 Experimental Teaching Equipment Failure
Auto-kind circuit board a teaching
  Auto Parts and transparent model of the
Auto experimental board
  Automobile Engine Models
ABS anti-lock braking system Automotive Training Taiwan
  Driving trainer
Chassis System Class
  Multi-angle car driving simulator Automotive air conditioning experiment equipment

Driving simulation training equipment

Automotive Automatic Transmission Test-bed
  Active and passive car driving simulator (double / single-seater)
Auto Fault Detection and Diagnosis bench
  Device Name (click product to see details) Device Name (click product to see details)

Intelligent Home Theater comprehensive skills assessment Training Device (16/17 in-one) with assessment

Vertical Home Theater Skills Training Assessment Device (with assessment) - Home Appliances bench, electrical appliances video and audio equipment repair and maintenance skills assessment Training
  Home audio-visual theater complex laboratory equipment (DVD12/11-one) with no appraisal
All kinds of household appliances teaching board
  Intelligent VCD home theater audio-visual integrated laboratory equipment
TV sets, refrigerators, printers, computers, fax machines, teaching demonstration model of the various components of a transparent
  Central air-conditioning lab equipment | test-bed Central air-conditioning | central air-conditioning Training Equipment
Simulation-based computer-controlled central air-conditioning lab equipment
  Integrated Training Assessment heating cooling unit (five or six generations) Automatic inverter air conditioner cooling heating complex laboratory equipment (computer demo) with appraisal system
  Device Name (click product to see details) Device Name (click product to see details)
  Accounting Simulation Laboratory Equipment (6 seater)
Engineering Drawing Lab complete sets of equipment (single-seater
  A new computerized accounting simulation laboratory equipment
Multimedia Intelligent Control, "Mechanical Engineering Drawing" complete laboratory equipment
  Simulation test-bed bank Advanced Multimedia Engineering Drawing Design Laboratory Equipment
  Complete sets of equipment fitter Laboratory (2,4 Block)
Welding, riveting Engineering Laboratory complete sets of equipment
Mechanical drawing model, three-dimensional teaching model, mapping model, descriptive geometry projection boxes
  Device Name (click product to see details) 型號 Device Name (click product to see details)

Pneumatic PLC bench (aluminum)

1DT6系列 Series of transparent emulation of teaching elevator (6-layer single, double)
  Transparent demonstration system hydraulic transmission
DTZ 系列

Elevator teaching model experiment combinations Training Equipment

  1、 Naughty fort, children's toys, plush toys, educational toys, playground toys, a large teaching toys, outdoor toys
2、 Recreational facilities, combined slides \ Star Castle, plastic toys, electric toys, gift toys, plastic toys, children's slides, fitness equipment, swing, electric cars, battery cars, naughty fort, track trains, Leap the bed

3、See-Saw, children toys, plastic toys, electric toys, gift toys, plastic toys, children's slides, fitness equipment, swing
4、 Kindergarten toys, swivel chairs, mats, trampoline, tables and chairs, rocking horses, elephants, see-saw, water rides, inflatable bounce, electric recreational facilities, outdoor recreational facilities

5、 Child bed, dolls, plastic toys, cartoon toys, amusement facilities, plush toys, electronic toys, games, electric toys, educational toys, model toys, remote control toys
6、 Child Toy \ small slide \ scooters, children's toys, remote control toys, plush toys, imported toys, simulation fruit \ models, wooden toys, baby products
  型號 Device Name (click product to see details) 型號 Device Name (click product to see details)

General chemical laboratory equipment

物理類: Measuring instruments, general instruments, materials, physics demonstration experiment
  物理 Physics Laboratory complete sets of equipment
生化類 : Specimens, bio-chips, glassware, chemicals
  生物 Biological observations, anatomical (combo) Lab Equipment
  High, junior high, wall charts, wall charts primary education
    Preparation room, science, technology, raw preparation room, equipment cabinet   Primary and secondary schools sports equipment, school equipment
    Integrated Device Technology Primary workers   PEP New Instrument
    Integrated Device Technology Experiment secondary labor   Multimedia Learning System
    Blackboard, playing bell device
  General Technology Lab Equipment
  Device Name (click product to see details) Device Name (click product to see details)
  Network-based PLC with High Electrical Frequency Integrated Training Assessment Device SCM application technology, (PLC) Programmable Experiment Box
  Industrial Automation Integrated Training Device Programmable, microcontroller development, EPROM programming comprehensive experimental device
  Network-type PLC programmable, microcontroller development, EPROM programming integrated experimental device (PLC) programmable test devices (configuration IPC), network-based
  Optical electromechanical integration Training Device Network-Integrated Training Assessment PLC Senior Electrical Device
  SCM application technology experimental device Three-dimensional warehouse model
  JGJXS-A mechanical hand model
JGJXS-B-type Pneumatic Manipulator Model

JGFJ-A material sorting device
JGFJ-B material sorting device
  Multi-joint robot 3-DOF manipulator
  Sensor and detection technology experimental device Comprehensive Test-bed for multi-functional mechanics
  Sensor and detection technology experimental device Welcome, motor robot; versatile robot; Machine Ant
  Institutions of higher learning, secondary specialized, professional high school, craftsmen Wall Charts Experiment Box

〖Human anatomy medical model | Clinical Training Model | cardiopulmonary resuscitation in simulated human | human anatomy model of major system | dental specialist medical training model | Care model \ skeleton model \ Chinese acupuncture medicine model of the human body〗

2 :

〖 X-ray equipment and supplies | X-ray machine \ developing machine. Film viewer, chest X-ray frame, X-ray film, a film frame, cassette, intensifying screen, filter-line device, lead glass, Ying Guangbing Equipment 〗
〖 Biochemistry analyzer, electrolyte analyzer, microplate reader. Plate washer, blood cell counter, urine analyzer, blood flow changes analyzers, gene amplification device, blood glucose meter, blood coagulation instrument 〗
〖 Diagnostic instruments and supplies | ECG, EMG machine, pulmonary function testing device, EEG. Flowmetry machine, audiometer (electric audiometry), ECG paper. Pens and other accessories, fiber gastroscope. Endoscopy 〗
〖 B-class, breast diagnostic equipment | B Chao, breast diagnostic equipment, ophthalmic B-, early cancer diagnostic equipment, B super-recorder, color transcranial Doppler, B super-positioning in vitro lithotripsy 〗
〖 Surgery, monitoring equipment and supplies, electric cautery, high-frequency electric knife, monitors, fetal monitors, fetal heart monitor 〗

〖 Equipment and out-patient physiotherapy equipment, ultrasonic nebulizer, laser treatment instrument, colo-rectal comprehensive therapeutic apparatus, microwave multifunction therapeutic apparatus, lead flat meridian therapeutic apparatus, prostate treatment instrument, bone hyperplasia treatment instrument, IF treatment instrument 〗
〖 Medical teaching charts, medical VCD \ human anatomy charts \ Physiology | Beijing 〗
〖 Operating room equipment, electric aspirator. Gastrolavage machine \ infant incubator. Rescue Taiwan \ shadowless lamp \ anesthesia machine. Respirator \ Operating Table \ traction bed \ Recovery Instrument 〗
〖 Disinfection equipment, supplies, portable high-pressure sterilizer, vertical sterilizer, horizontal high-pressure sterilizer, ultraviolet disinfection of vehicles, accessories sterilizer 〗
〖 Pharmaceuticals. Swap. Preparation equipment, electric devices distilled water, ion-exchange water, ultrasonic cleaner, the Chinese medical system, pill machine, traditional Chinese medicine grinder, industrial washing machines, automatic filling of pharmaceutical machines, capping machine, extracting machine 〗

〖 Refrigeration, air purification equipment, low-temperature refrigerator, freezer refrigerator body, dehumidifiers, sterilization sterilization Air Cleaner 〗
〖 Optical instruments and equipment | surgical microscope, slit lamp microscopes, biological microscopes, micro-diagnostic apparatus, trace analyzers, micro-fast dynamic measurement system 〗
〖 Experimental boxes experimental equipment | electric constant temperature water bath pan, thermostat temperature box, electric heated, carbon dioxide, cellular, biochemical incubator, mold, vibration, artificial climate chamber. Damp box, light incubator, electric oven, physical and chemical tank. High Temperature Box 〗
〖 Rotating test equipment | Electric centrifuges, oscillator, grinder, blender, vacuum pumps, Grinder, slicing machine 〗
〖 Medical laboratory equipment, measuring equipment | pH meter, balance, spectrophotometer, fluorescence spectrophotometer, flame photometer, refractometer, polarimeter, electrophoresis, hemoglobin detector 〗
〖 Environmental Instruments laboratory equipment | Clean Benches, UV analyzers, according to meter, titrator, water tester, conductivity meter, rotary evaporator. Viscometer, the melting point instrument. Disintegration instrument. Hardness tester, the measured mercury instrument. measuring oxygen meter, gas chromatograph, colorimetric devices. turbidity meter, test instrument, environmental protection equipment, electric stove, heater thermostat. temperature control device, into the injector. pipette 〗
〖 Common checkup, inspection equipment | blood pressure monitors, thermometers, stethoscope, weighing scales, spirometer 〗
〖 Medical equipment | Oxygen inhalers, medical oxygen generator, oxygen machine, oxygen bag. Medical air cushion beds, first aid kit, pressure bleeding device, medical devices 〗
〖 Medical Stainless Steel Products | Stainless steel sterilization tray, storage worse. Forceps tube, square plate. Foam hand barrels, equipment units, treatment center, medical history folder car, hospital beds, aluminum alloy medical records folder car, stretcher 〗
〖 Medical Dental Equipment | Dental treatment machines, dental drills, ultrasonic scaler, light curing machine, sandblasting machine. Polishing machine, dental X-ray machine, air compressor, harmonic device. Grinding machine. Molten gold, sterilizers, dental technician tables, mobile phones, gun equipment package 〗
20: Surgical Instruments Package | Surgical Instruments Package | Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgical Instruments Package | flow surgical instrument pack | female sterilization surgical instrument package | male and female sterilization knife bag | Obstetrics and Gynecology delivery kits 〗

Half-length CPR training simulation were

Senior Children's Recovery Simulation

High infant recovery Sims

Grade endotracheal intubation training models, e-training model of human tracheal intubation

Neonatal endotracheal intubation training models, the infant endotracheal intubation training models, advanced trauma model

Medical care, a multi-disciplinary skills, the training model of infant and maternal

Human skeleton model
Advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation and trauma simulated people (computer software, control, combo function )

Advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation training simulators person (computer-controlled

Large-screen LCD color monitor cardiopulmonary resuscitation advanced automatic computer simulation of human

Advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation training simulation were

Advanced Automatic computer simulation of human cardiopulmonary resuscitation (IC Card Management Software )

High half-length CPR training simulation were
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